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Rapsodo MLM2 PRO

The ultimate edge in precision golf technology has arrived. MLM2PRO is better than the next best thing for your game; it’s the future of your game. Whether you’re practicing or playing, level up with MLM2PRO.

Designed for Golf

Earn Your Confidence

Improve Your Swing and Hit Better Shots
Pull The Right Club and Shoot Lower Scores
See How Your Game Stacks Up
Practice With A Purpose
Performance-Based Practice
Rapsodo Combines lets you evaluate your entire game on the range in 20 minutes or less. Prioritize areas for improvement and create more informed, smarter practice plans.


Measure To Master

Rapsodo’s Mobile Launch Monitor is as accurate (within 2%) as Trackman at only 2% of the cost. We use proprietary doppler radar technology that works with your iPhone or iPad camera to provide professional level accuracy on:


Carry Distance

Distance the ball travels through the air


Total Distance

Carry distance plus the distance the ball rolled



Launch Angle

Initial angle of ascent of the golf ball immediately after impact


Launch Direction

Initial direction the ball starts relative to the target line


Club Speed

Velocity of the club head at impact


Ball Speed

Velocity of the ball just after impact

Side Carry

Distance from the target line based on where the ball lands


Smash Factor

Ratio of ball speed to club speed


Rapsodo MLM2 PRO

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Rapsodo MLM2 PRO