For over 10 years, Sureshot has made sure every golfer knows the distance on the course, which is why we have some of the most sought-after products on the market. We pride ourselves on being a trusted brand in Watch, GPS & Laser rangefinder technology around the world. Providing you with innovations change the way you play golf for the better is our mission. If you can improve the way you play your golf with a Sureshot laser rangefinder, Watch or handheld GPS unit, that is why we do what we do in golf. Transform how you play and enjoy golf, and always know the distance with Sureshot.

Sureshot strives for continuous innovation and brings golfers the best technology and design. From the simplicity of a point and shoot laser rangefinder, to the detailed measuring of greens and hazards on a GPS or Watch, Sureshot will have you covered on the golf course. The PINLOC5000 range of laser rangefinders is the latest and greatest is rangefinder technology. Using infrared laser beams to instantly measure the distance to objects, knowing the yardage will be quick and easy. You will not need to waste time on initiating anything or waiting for a handheld GPS connection. You just point the laser and know the distance instantly. With 3 editions of the PINLOC5000 laser rangefinder series, there will be one perfect for you. If you are very serious about your yardages, then the PINLOC5000iPS is for you. It is our best laser, with a sleek gold design it’s eye-catching but powerful. Not only can you use Pinloc to target the flag, you can toggle the Slope function which will calculate the incline or decline between you and the pin, giving you the real distance to the pin, as well as the distance you need to hit your shot to compensate for the terrain.

If you want to know more than 1 distance at a time, then a golf Watch or handheld GPS is for you. The Sureshot Watch+ has incredible battery life, tells you distances to green and hazards, will keep your score and fits perfectly on your wrist. And if you want to always have your hands free, and one of our GPS units can be attached to your belt, bag or buggy so you never have to worry where you’ll find the distance markers.


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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 0.5 cm